A Day in Milwaukee

North America, Spring Break, United States


“What is there to do in Milwaukee?”

That’s the first question friends asked me when I told them I was visiting the largest city in Wisconsin. I did not have an answer, but I knew that after returning from New York and catching up on missed YouTube subscriptions in my pajamas for 8 hours, I needed a break from Evanston (again).

Milwaukee was only two hours away from Chicago by train, and it wasn’t some random cornfield town in America I hadn’t heard of. I had a day or two to kill before spring break ended and a desire for adventure to satisfy, so that night, I booked a round-trip train ticket to Milwaukee for the next day.

Hello Brooklyn, How You Doin’?

New York, North America, Spring Break, United States


It was our last day in New York, and although Alyzza and I were tired from running all over Manhattan Island the past couple of days,  there were still upwards of 20 sights and eateries I wanted to visit. We couldn’t fit them all in, but we made sure to squeeze in as many activities we could before we left.

We checked out in the morning, then took the subway to Brooklyn. Alyzza and I walked around the trendy, brick-stoned neighborhood and walked towards the water for views of the New York City skyline and the famed Brooklyn Bridge.

On Broadway

New York, North America, Spring Break, United States


On day four, I woke up at 9:30 a.m. to find out how to buy same-day Broadway tickets online. For certain shows, there are lottery systems where you sign up with an email address to get a chance to win two discounted tickets. Around three hours before the show starts, an email is sent to inform you whether you’ve won the tickets or not, and then you have approximately an hour to pay online.

Chelsea Market and The High Line

New York, North America, Spring Break, United States


The halfway point of my New York trip also marked my 20th birthday. I Skyped with my parents in the morning, and at their insistence, listened to them and my younger sister and brother sing happy birthday to me (three times – the second was a sped up rendition with clapping, and the third was in Chinese).

I’m not sure I needed to hear them sing off-key (and with visible reluctance *cough* Katie and Mark *cough*) that many times, but seeing my family on a grainy screen carry out this birthday tradition halfway across the world made me wish I was home.

Empire State of Mind

New York, North America, Spring Break, United States


On the second day in New York, we woke up at 9 AM to meet our NY friend Becky in East Village for breakfast. We went to a rusty, urban place called Mudspot Cafe, which was surprisingly busy and colorful. The Cafe had brick walls decorated with fairy lights and bold abstract paintings, and with the wooden decor it had a very down-to-earth vibe. The initial entryway was narrow, but it led to an open space at the back with a lot of natural light.