Things I Will Miss About London

Europe, London, Study Abroad


The complex maze of streets. The cafes and bakeries and quirky stores in the complex maze of streets. Indian food. Fabrique cardamom buns. Weekend markets. My flat’s proximity to the Southbank weekend markets. Christmas markets. Churros and waffles. Pret a Manger ham and cheese toasties. Itsu dinners. The abundance of museums. The abundance of free museums. The public toilets in the free museums. Not being a tourist in a city full of tourists. Navigating through the crowds without Google Maps. The walking culture. The tube. Big Ben at night.




The Christmas lights on Oxford Street, Bond Street, Regent Street. The view of the Shard from the Stamford Street Apartments kitchen window. The view from Southbank. The daily commute from Waterloo to King’s College. The location of Stamford Street Apartments. KCL’s proximity to Covent Garden and Leicester Square. The abundance of Zaras. The tall buildings – the Shard, Gherkin, Walkie-Talkie, Cheese Grater – and their funky names. The parks. Spontaneous day trips to places like Stonehenge, Greenwich, Dover.




Living in Europe. The high fashion. The neat rows of houses. People saying “sorry” a lot. Learning about British culture. Not having to take midterms. The culture of independence. The culture of drinking not just to get wasted. The drinking age. Seeing old friends. The British Library. The beautiful sunsets. Free magazines. TimeOut. Watching a musical after class. The feeling of having a freshly loaded Oyster card. Walking up and down the tube escalators. The sweeping train stations. The small independent bookstores. Late nights and chance encounters at Maughan library. And wandering around London past midnight.




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